Barrelhouse Blend Recipes and Recommendations

Barrelhouse Blend is an excellent, low-sodium spice for Southwest and Middle Eastern dishes. With a blend that includes spices such as cumin and coriander as well as other complimentary spices. Excellent in chilis, burritos, tacos, soups, salads, and vegetables, as well as chicken, lamb, tilapia, salmon, cod, and pork chops. Just a pinch adds a depth of flavor. An extremely versatile, flavorful low-sodium spice!


Pork Carnitas - Barrelhouse Blend brings the cumin and coriander flavors to this pork carnitas! 

Barrelhouse Blend Pork Carnitas  Barrelhouse Blend Pork Carnitas 

Mexican Dip - For every cup of sour cream, mix in 1 teaspoon Prohibition Pig Rub and 3/4 teaspoon Barrelhouse Blend. Spread evenly on a plate and add salsa, lettuce, onions, cheese, tomatoes and black olives.

Bootleg Barrelhouse Blend Mexican Dip  Bootleg Barrelhouse Blend Mexican Dip

BOOTLEG and Customer Suggestions:
 Here are some pics submitted by customers on using the Barrelhouse Blend. Please keep the pics coming!  Send an email or fill out the contact form. Please include your food pictures and a brief description of how you used the Bootleg products. 

Spatchcock Roasted Chicken
Seasoned with Barrelhouse Blend and Rum Runner 6.  

Spatchcock Chicken seasoned with Barrelhouse Blend and Rum Runner 6  Spatchcock Chicken with Barrelhouse Blend and Rum Runner 6

Barrelhouse Blend Pork - 
What better way to spend a Sunday, we are about to get funky like a monkey over here! submitted by Dale

Barrelhouse Blend Pork


Trout seasoned with Bootleg spices - submitted by Greg and Steph 
Delicious- Trout made with butter, garlic, rosemary, bacon, Barrelhouse Blend and Outlaw Surf & Turf. The veggies are made with butter, garlic, Speakeasy Seasoned Salt and Outlaw Surf & Turf.

Trout seasoned with Bootleg spices

BOOTLEG Barrelhouse White Chili - Submitted by Mike

Bootleg Barrelhouse Chicken Chili

Made the BOOTLEG Barrelhouse Mexican soup today. So so good. I will be making it again. Submitted by Don and Wendy

Bootleg Barrelhouse Blend Mexican Soup

Barrelhouse Blend Beer Can Chicken. Submitted by Don and Wendy

 Bootleg Barrelhouse Blend Beer Can Chicken   Bootleg Barrelhouse Blend Beer Can Chicken

Barrelhouse Blend Pork Chops. Submitted by Dave

Bootleg Barrelhouse Blend Pork Chops

Barrelhouse Blend medium rare lamb chops.
Submitted by Jody

Bootleg Barrelhouse Blend Lamb Chops    Bootleg Barrelhouse Blend Lamb Chops

Barrelhouse Blend Chili - recipe included. Submitted by Jody

Barrelhouse Blend Chili