BOOTLEG Corn on the Cob Recipes

Add unique flavor to traditional corn on the cob with Prohibition Pig Rub for a savory flavor, or Rum Runner 6 for a delayed heat. Here are some BOOTLEG suggestions. 

Bootleg Hog Tied Corn 

BOOTLEG Prohibition Pig Rub Hog Tied Corn! You can use Prohibition Pig Rub or substitute Rum Runner 6 for some added heat. Peel back husk to stock, then remove silk and soak in salt water at least 15 min. Mix BOOTLEG Prohibition Pig Rub and butter together (1 Tbs to 1/2 stick butter), dust on corn. Pull husk back over corn and tie it to stay in place. Grill for 15 to 20 minutes over medium heat. Cut string, remove husk, and add a little more of that butter. If you like more heat, substitute BOOTLEG Rum Runner 6 for Prohibition Pig Rub.

  Bootleg Hog Tied Corn  Bootleg Hog Tied Corn  Bootleg Hog Tied Corn  

Rum Runner 6 Corn
 - If you like a little more heat, substitute Rum Runner 6 for Prohibition Pig Rub.

Balance out the heat with some mayo, butter and Parmesan cheese! Mix equal parts mayo and butter together and add Rum Runner 6 to taste. Top with Parmesan cheese and dust lightly with Rum Runner 6.
Try the BOOTLEG version of Mexican street corn. Smothered with a Rum Runner 6, Mayo and butter combination. Topped with Queso Fresco and cilantro.
Mexican Street Corn Mexican Street Corn


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