BOOTLEG Homemade Sliced Turkey Sous Vide Recipe

Bootleg Deli Turkey Sandwich (seasoned with Outlaw Surf & Turf or Prohibition Pig Rub)

Have you ever made your own sliced turkey breast? Here is a way with Outlaw Surf & Turf and Prohibition Pig Rub that will deliver great flavor and quality finished product. We parted out a 12 lb turkey, then took the breast and coated one with Prohibition Pig Rub and one with Outlaw Surf & Turf. Sous Vide the turkey breast for 8 hours at 137. Put in frig overnight and slice the next day. Hands down best sliced turkey we have had!!

Outlaw Turkey Deli Meat  Outlaw Turkey Deli Meat  Outlaw Turkey Deli Meat

You can also season the turkey with Prohibition Pig Rub.

  Prohibition Pig Rub Deli Turkey  Prohibition TurkeyProhibition Pig Rub Deli Turkey    Outlaw Turkey Deli Meat  

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