Prime Rib - BOOTLEG Style!

  Bootleg Prime Rib  Bootleg Prime Rib            

Who loves a nice slab of Prime Rib? Both BOOTLEG Outlaw Surf & Turf or Speakeasy Seasoned Salt make a great piece of meat better. Here are a few ways to cook it after you season the outside with either Outlaw Surf & Turf or Speakeasy Seasoned Salt.

For the oven:
Set temp at 450 cook rib roast for 15 min then lower the temp to 350 to finish. Roast cook time is ~15 min per pound. Pull from oven cover and let rest 15 min.

Sous Vide:
10 hours at 135. When done place under broiler for 5 min to get nice crust let rest 15 min.

  Bootleg Prime Rib  Bootleg Prime Rib

Bootleg Prime Rib  Bootleg Prime Rib  Bootleg Prime Rib

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