Prohibition Pig Rub Pork Sandwich

BOOTLEG Prohibition Pork Loin Sandwhich

Nothing better than a good pork tenderloin sandwich! Check out this BOOTLEG version.


2 lbs Pork tenderloin sliced thin or sliced thin and pounded out to 1/8th inch thick  
BOOTLEG Prohibition Pig Rub
6 bakery fresh hamburger buns
1 head baby romaine lettuce, washed and separated
2 tomatoes sliced

Cooking Instructions:

1. Coat pork loin pieces with the BOOTLEG Prohibition Pig Rub liberally on both sides
2. Prepare buns by adding lettuce, tomatoes and mayo
3. Fry pork loin on griddle or pan on medium high heat for 30 seconds per side.
4. Assemble sandwich.







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