Speakeasy Seasoned Salt Recipes and Customer Pics

Speakeasy Seasoned Salt Recipes and Recommendations - Our least spicy, most versatile Bootleg Spice! Customers have reported using this spice on almost anything. Our favorites include hamburgers, fries, eggs, grilled vegetables, corn on the cob and salads. The possibilities are endless!

Prime Rib - BOOTLEG Style! Sous Vide and oven recipes

Bootleg Prime Rib

T-Bone steak - Sous Vide

Sous Vide dry aged T-Bone seasoned with BOOTLEG Speakeasy Seasoned Salt

Ribs on the Smoker and Grill Recipes

Bootleg Spiced Ribs

Pork Tenderloin - Sous Vide

BOOTLEG Speakeasy Sous Vide Pork Recipe

Lamb Chop - Sous Vide

BOOTLEG and Customer Pics and Suggestions

Sweet Potato Fries - Sweet potato fries cooked in an air fryer and finished with a dust of Speakeasy Seasoned Salt. Delicious!
BOOTLEG Speakeasy Sweet Potato Fries

Garlic rosemary mashed potatoes - seasoned with Speakeasy Seasoned Salt. 
BOOTLEG Speakeasy Mashed Potatoes

Chicken, tomato, carrot, celery and potato soup. Speakeasy Seasoned Salt is an excellent substitution to table salt. This handcrafted salt offers hints of onion, garlic and paprika, giving your beef, poultry, pork or vegetables extra flavor.
BOOTLEG Speakeasy Seasoned Salt Chicken Potato Soup  BOOTLEG Speakeasy Seasoned Salt Chicken Potato Soup   

Caprese Salad - Speakeasy Seasoned Salt sprinkled on fresh picked tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella with aged balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Makes a great start to any meal!
Speakeasy Caprese Salad  Speakeasy Caprese Salad        

Our BOOTLEG modern twist on a traditional tator tot hotdish! Replaced tator tots with baked, cooled and sliced gold potatoes, added fresh mushrooms and seasoned the entire dish with BOOTLEG Speakeasy Seasoned Salt. Added some texture and unique flavor.
Speakeasy Tator Tot Hotdish Speakeasy Seasoned Salt Tator Tot Hotdish

Breakfast! Speakeasy Seasoned Salt adds extra flavor to this entire breakfast of basted eggs in a red bell pepper ring, heirloom tomatoes, with a side of smashed fried baby reds!!

Skirt Steak
- Speakeasy Seasoned Salt skirt steak served two ways. Skirt steak with the bacon wrapped shrimp plus skirt steak as a protein on a salad. submitted by Carrie
Speakeasy Seasoned Salt Skirt Steak  Speakeasy Seasoned Salt Skirt Steak  

Speakeasy and Outlaw Surf & Turf Steak and mushrooms - Sous vide steak with Speakeasy Seasoned Salt, Portabella mushrooms and creamy cucumbers with Outlaw Surf & Turf. Homemade pull apart garlic cheese bread!! Perfect meal for two!
Speakeasy and Outlaw Steak  Speakeasy and Outlaw Steak    Bootleg Bread  Speakeasy and Outlaw Steak

Ground round steak seasoned with Speakeasy Seasoned Salt. 

Ground round steak seasoned with Bootleg Speakeasy Seasoned Salt

Sloppy Joes - Here is a twist on a sloppy joe and chips. Rosemary focaccia bread for the bun. Steamed, then smashed and fried baby potatoes seasoned with Speakeasy Seasoned Salt and topped with parmesan cheese.Speakeasy Seasoned Salt Sloppy Joes  Speakeasy Seasoned Salt Sloppy Joes

Ribeye Steak - Ribeye seasoned with Speakeasy Seasoned Salt, served with Vidalia onion beef Au Jus. 
Speakeasy Steak  Speakeasy Steak  Speakeasy Steak  Speakeasy Steak Au Jus

Hotdish - Take your favorite hot dish and add Speakeasy Seasoned Salt to it instead of salt. Adds a unique flavor!
Speakeasy Hot Dish

Turkey pot pie! Instead of using salt in your recipe use Speakeasy Seasoned Salt to add extra flavors like onion, garlic and paprika.
Speakeasy Turkey Pot Pie  Speakeasy Turkey Pot Pie  Speakeasy Turkey Pot Pie  Speakeasy Turkey Pot Pie  Speakeasy Turkey Pot Pie

Chicken Tenders - seasoned with Rum Runner 6 and Speakeasy Seasoned Salt with blue cheese and BBQ dipping sauce. Submitted by Jim
Chicken Tenders seasoned with Rum Runner 6 and Speakeasy Seasoned Salt

Chicken Parmesan - Add Speakeasy Seasoned Salt to your Chicken Parmesan batter to add unique taste to a traditional dish.
Speakeasy Chicken Parmesan  Speakeasy Chicken Parmesan
Speakeasy Mac n' Cheese - Love, love, love BOOTLEG spices!! Bourbon Speakeasy Pulled Pork and mac n' cheese!!  Submitted by Kris
Speakeasy Mac and Cheese

Speakeasy Chicken
- submitted by Dawn
Wasn’t sure what to put on the chicken tonight with our oriental recipe. So I went with bootleg speak easy seasoning! Thanks for creating this seasoning!
Speakeasy Chicken

Speakeasy Pork Ribs
- submitted by Julie
Smoked ribs on a Traeger smoker seasoned with Speakeasy Seasoned Salt. They were amazing!
Speakeasy Ribs

Trout seasoned with Bootleg spices 
submitted by Greg and Steph 
Delicious- Trout made with butter, garlic, rosemary, bacon, Barrelhouse Blend and Outlaw Surf & Turf. The veggies are made with butter, garlic, Speakeasy Seasoned Salt and Outlaw Surf & Turf.
Trout seasoned with Bootleg spices

Speakeasy Tomato Tart made with puff pastry.
Check out the recipe.
Speakeasy Tomato Tart

Chicken dinner!
 - submitted by Goldie 
Chicken dinner seasoned with both the Outlaw Surf & Turf and Speakeasy Seasoned Salt. 
Chicken dinner seasoned with Bootleg spices

Speakeasy Pizza - Homemade pizza with Speakeasy Seasoned Salt added before baking. Submitted by Mary
Speakeasy Pizza

Speakeasy Chicken - Seasoned with Speakeasy Seasoned Salt and pepper. Served with Naan flat bread. Submitted by Jody
Speakeasy Chicken   Speakeasy Chicken   Speakeasy Chicken   Speakeasy Chicken  

Speakeasy Season Salt Chicken
- Submitted by Kris
Speakeasy Season Salt Chicken Speakeasy Season Salt Chicken 2 Speakeasy Season Salt Chicken foil Speakeasy Chicken crock pot
Recipe:  2 T butter and 1 tsp. Speakeasy, stir together and rub under skin of top of chicken.   Put four balls of tin foil in bottom of crock pot.  Pour in one bottle of beer   (I used Big Island Blond)  Rub Speakeasy season all over chicken and put on top of beer and tinfoil.  Turn crock pot on low and cook 8-10 hours.


BOOTLEGGER Bloody made by adding Speakeasy Seasoned Salt on the rim as well as shake a little on top. Submitted by Jody


Speakeasy Season Salt chicken. Add an even coating of Speakeasy Season Salt to chicken, inside and out before cooking. Submitted by Renee 
Speakeasy Season Salt Chicken 

Speakeasy Season Salt eggs
with Forbidden hickory smoked bacon. Submitted by Harvey
Bootleg Bacon and Eggs

Speakeasy Seasoned Salt Fries.
 Submitted by Ken
Speakeasy Season Salt fries

Fried potatoes
with onions, Bootleg Prohibition Pig rub and Speakeasy Season Salt. Submitted by Joann

Loaded baked potato soup
with Speakeasy Season Salt. Click here for the recipe. Submitted by Jody
Loaded Baked Potato soup
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