BOOTLEG Outlaw Surf & Turf

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BOOTLEG Outlaw Surf & Turf adds excellent flavor to red meats, seafood, and fish. This coarse spice blend offers a black pepper, garlic and onion flavor with a hint of red bell peppers. This versatile spice compliments a variety of proteins; from red meats such as steak,  burgers, briskets and beef ribs; to seafood and fish such as shrimp, salmon, crab, tilapia and walleye. Also great on lighter meats such as chicken and pork. If you are looking for a flavorful, versatile spice, this is the one! Use a lot of Outlaw Surf & Turf? There is also a 1.5 LB shaker option or a  5 LB bulk bag

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BOOTLEG - Handcrafted in Minnesota is a family-owned business. 

Ingredients: Salt, black pepper, sugar, garlic, onion, spices (including paprika and extractives of paprika), red bell granules, modified food starch, and natural flavoring, with less than 2% silicon dioxide and soybean oil added to prevent caking. 

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