Rum Runner 6 4 LB Bag

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Looking for a spice with more heat with great flavor which happens to be low in sodium? Rum Runner 6 has it! Rum Runner 6 is made from 16 ingredients and the "6" stands for the 6 unique chilies in the blend. Add unique flavor and heat to your chicken, pork, burgers, steak, shrimp, salmon, or tilapia. Also good in chili, pastas, soups, and salads. Rum Runner 6 can also be used as a rub or added to marinades on meats and vegetables. This gourmet blend is low in sodium, yet transforms ordinary food into a culinary experience your family will love! Use a lot of Rum Runner 6? You might want to consider purchasing a 4 LB bulk bag. This bulk option is equivalent to more than 21 bottles of Rum Runner 6 3 oz. bottles

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